About us

SecureMe2 BV was founded in 2016 by the emergence of a need for SMBs in high-quality cybercrime protection. By simply offering this technology and at a low cost, smaller organisations can now make themselves much more resistant to the ever-increasing digital threat.

The founders of SecureMe2 are Alexander Zwiep, Hans van Beek and Aad van Boven. All three have been involved in the growth of the organisation since the beginning.


SecureMe2 ‘s mission is to make organizations more responsive to digital threats by deploying smart technology in a highly accessible way.

A career at SecureMe2

We are always looking for people who can provide added value to the quality and growth of the company. If you think you can play a role in this, please contact us. Who knows, we can mean something for each other.

Our office

We are located in Rijen in Noord-Brabant with our office. In the Crown Business Center we are among our customers and we can still expand. With adequate parking facilities, spaces to accommodate customers and guests and a good restaurant.