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We dream of a world where everyone at all times is able to use technology safely.

Preventie detectie en aantoonbaarheid

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SecureMe2 ensures that all types of organizations can safely use connected technology. With SecureMe2 Cyberalarm know exactly what is happening on your IT network and you always have control over your digital business. Cyberalarm analyses network traffic 24/7, recognizes malicious behaviour and warms you instantly when a threat arrises.

What we do

SecureMe2 was founded in 2016 with the aim of building the best Network Intrusion Detection System and contributing to a more secure world. The founders are convinced that a lot of potential for security remains untapped due to ignorance. There is a lot to gain here. The company makes SMBs and Enterprise organizations more resilient to the ever-increasing threat of digital crime. 

How we do this

SecureMe2 offers smart technology in an accessible way. SecureMe2 Cyberalarm performs 24/7 analysis on all network traffic within the IT infrastructure, recognizes malicious behavior and immediately warns you when a threat occurs. Currently, more than 850 companies worldwide prevent a cyber attack every day with the  SecureMe2 Cyberalarm.

Our certifications.

We dream of a digital world where everyone at all times is able to use the online space in a safe manner.

Client testimonials.

“Cyberalarm Pro from SecureMe2 enables us to guarantee the continuity of our production lines. Thanks to the real-time insights they provide, we can immediately deal with malicious behaviour or misuse of systems.” – CFO

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Alexander Zwiep - CCO

Alexander Zwiep

Founder and CCO
Hans van Beek - CTO

Hans van Beek

Founder and CTO
Aad van Boven - CEO

Aad van Boven

Founder and CEO

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