Protect your data against abuse and your organisation against high fines

SAM, the affordable security solution for SMB


Protect your customer data against abuse and your organisation against high fines

SAM, the only affordable solution for SMB

SAM explained in 30 seconds.  

How can we help your organisation? 

Your data is vulnerable!

If you read the newspapers these days you are confronted with various articles on cyber criminality and data breaches. The outside world is haunting our data. The attacks can be large in scale or small and invisible, and they happen automatically. You will not even notice this happening. It is hardly impossible to prevent  important data of your organization flowing to the Internet.

An affordable solution for SMB

SecureMe2 delivers with SAM an affordable solution for the SMB to be compliant with the new regulations (GDPR 2018). A small device in your network sends traffic data (not the content itself) to our servers to be analyzed on malicious ‘out of ordinary’ behavior. When this occurs, you will be notified immediately and you will have the possibility to remove the infection and to decline or even prevent a data breach. With SAM you have implemented an appropriate (technical) measure for the GDPR 2018.

With SAM you:

  • have your network traffic 24×7 monitored

  • will be alerted when a threat is discovered

  • will be able to meet legal obligations

  • have implemented an appropriate technical solution

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