Cyberalarm Pro voor Enterprise.

With SecureMe2 Cyberalarm you can see exactly what is happening in your IT landscape and you always have control over your digital business. 


Data per second analyzed


Continuous monitoring of computers

We make cyber security accessible and affordable.

Are you able to show you have your cyber security in order?

Many organizations find it difficult to assess their cybersecurity or attach a financial value to it. Determining the budget that is needed to set up a good strategy and choosing the right resources is therefore difficult.
mijncyberalarm dahboard
mijncyberalarm dahboard
Development and support in The Netherlands

No foreign rules and regulations or effects of geopolitical tensions

Independent of IT suppliers

Independent assessment of the quality of your IT landscape, without conflict of interest

Instant 24/7 realtime insights, without configuration

Cyberalarm is installed within minutes and offers instant realtime insights

Personalised and clear dashboard

Cyber security is not just an IT, but a business continuity matter

What is it?

SecureMe2 Cyberalarm is a Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), that analyzes behavior based on observing your network traffic. All devices connected to your network have an IP address and are therefore part of your company’s network traffic, including the smart refrigerator in the lunch room.

How does it work?

SecureMe2 Cyberalarm performs 24/7 analytics on all network traffic within your IT landscape, recognizes malicious behavior and immediately warns when a risk occurs. It provides real-time analysis of the behavior of your equipment and detects when communication is taking place with deviating destinations.

Start now with
Cyberalarm Pro for Enterprise.

Secure your IT landscape

Sensor as appliance
A sensor is a server on which the Cyberalarm software from SecureMe2 is installed. Immediately ready for use. Because the central backend of the platform is already running, analysis of the network traffic will start immediately after installation of the sensor.

  • SecureMe2 supplies the SecureMe2 Cyberalarm Pro-10, 12,100,120,1000,1200.
  • Version as Tower (SecureMe2 Cyberalarm-Pro-10T)
  • Version as Rack server (Pro-10, Pro-100, Pro-1000)
  • Bandwidth analysis capacity up to 4 Gbps per appliance (Pro-1000)
  • Added bandwidth footprint 1%
  • No delay due to analysis. 0% latency
  • Redundancy on power supply and hard drives possible
  • Multi-Span input possible

Virtual probes (vCyberalarm)
VMWare, Hyper-V or Virtualbox-based virtual appliances are quickly deployable. Many organizations have virtualized their servers. Based on those Hypervisors, SecureMe2 Cyberalarm can also be offered. We support VMWare, Hyper-V and VirtualBox.

Customer portal
Instant insight into all alarms. Whitelisting and filtering options.

Link the customer portal via Syslog, REST API or email to your own SIEM or Service Management Tooling.

An alarm system must work. SecureMe2 monitors the proper functioning of the probe.

Can’t figure it out? SecureMe2 can provide additional services to help with the interpretation of alarms and solving the issues.

The personalized and clear dashboard provides real-time insight into the alarms from your network.

What is SPAN
A SPAN or Mirror port makes it possible to provide a copy of the network traffic to the SecureMe2 Cyberalarm probe. This port does not slow down the network and in the event of a technical failure of a probe, primary business processes continue.

VLANs and Subnets
SecureMe2 Cyberalarm can take VLANs and subnets into account . These can be specifically included in the analysis or completely ignored. This makes the analysis of the correct network flows a lot easier.

Due to the diversity in probes, there is no limitation in the amount of bandwidth to analyze. SecureMe2 Cyberalarm adds approximately 1% bandwidth for communication with the SecureMe2 analytics platform.

How it works
  • The installation is very simple: only one box is placed between the router and the switch or a Mirror port directly on the router or switch. The manual is no longer than 1 A4.
  • Nothing needs to be set or configured. After placement in the network, all traffic is immediately scanned for malicious behavior. Through extensive analysis – based on destination and behavior compared to time – unwanted and deviant traffic can be discovered immediately. The new threats are processed in the SecureMe2 Cyberalarm systems every 15 minutes and your network traffic is compared with them.
  • Immediately after installation, SecureMe2 Cyberalarm monitors your network 24/7, tracking intruders so you can get ahead of them. An alarm is immediately raised in the event of an abnormal situation, in order to make you feel more safe.
  • Cybersecurity shouldn’t be difficult. The MySecureMe2 Cyberalarm portal was therefore created with the focus on user-friendliness. The personalized and clear dashboard provides real-time insight, so you quickly have the right information to solve the problem.
  • By working with digital forensic investigation agencies, insurance companies and companies with specialized legal knowledge in the field of cybercrime, we offer a complete package of services to handle any situation.
  • It is available for both small and large businesses, as a mini-appliance, server-based (both tower and rack-mounted,) and as virtual appliance under VMWare, HyperV or VirtualBox.

What does it mean for your organization?

As a reliable partner for cybersecurity, our top priority is to support and unburden you in cybersecurity, so that you ultimately regain control. With the help of our extensive experience and years of insights, we can optimize the continuity of your company. Identifying and detecting malicious activities is one of the most important pillars in this regard. SecureMe2 has developed an IDS platform that is completely independent of a supplier of ICT products and/or services. This allows us to offer our services and products without any form of conflict of interest and we are also able to make an objective assessment of the quality of your ICT infrastructure. With easily implementable hardware and software at low costs, we also want to make it possible for smaller organizations to become more resilient against cybercrime. A hack is a disaster for any organization. Among other things, it can negatively affect the continuity of the business because control over critical systems is taken over or these are damaged and can cause commercial and reputational damage, for example in the event of data leaks of customer or personal data. SecureMe2 Cyberalarm supports the resilience of your organization against digital threats. It ensures that your organization can continue to run, while you have control over your network through real-time insight. It unburdens you by keeping a digital eye on your online space 24/7. This prevents hacks, data leaks and ultimately AVG fines.

Easy to use

With Cyberalarm everyone can secure their network, without training or large investment of time

Extensive Threat Intelligence

Combining multiple sources creates a complete and up-to-date picture of new hazards

Detailed analysis

View all your alarms, detect hazards, find trends and easily create reports in the easy-to-use dashboard

Gives exactly the insights that we
need as an organisation

“It works very well. For example, the system immediately detected a network printer that was approached from Ukraine via an open port. In retrospect, the impact was not that bad, but I would never have seen that without this solution.”
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