Healthcare organizations provide care and a cyber incident can be catastrophic. Continuity is therefore of great importance. At the same time, by their very nature, these organizations are often a target for cyber criminals, partly due to the large amounts of personal data that these organizations possess. Attempts at hacks are regularly made, whereby even obtaining relatively little personal data can cause major problems.

Why the nature of these organizations makes them easy targets

The healthcare sector faces enormous cost pressure. Both within the cure and the care branch. One way to tackle this cost pressure is to provide care in an efficient way. This is largely done using technology. As a result, the people who provide care have to work seamlessly with the increasing amount of IT. These people are specialized in healthcare, not in IT. However, they are increasingly dependent on technology in order to be able to do their job.

Why cybercrime has a huge impact on healthcare organizations

The healthcare sector contains the most privacy-sensitive data in the world, as these data can be traced back to individuals. Cyber resilience is especially important to this sector.

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How SecureMe2 can help these organizations protect their critical systems and sensitive data

It is especially important for health care organizations to monitor their network 24/7 and to know exactly what is going on at all times. It is important to recognize anomalous traffic in time, in order to protect your company. This way, you increase your chances of preventing cyber attacks and protecting your intellectual property, while you have control over the network activities at all times through real-time insight.

Prevention alone is not sufficient. 75% of all cybersecurity incidents are in fact caused by risks created by human error. Despite policies and training, haste or inattention can created vulnerabilities in systems. In addition, risks arise due to vulnerabilities in a company’s own software or that of a supplier. Failure to perform updates can be disastrous. Monitoring what is happening in your IT landscape is therefore indispensable, regardless of the preventive measures that are taken.

Once your system contains vulnerabilities, there is a risk that hackers will succeed in their attempts to break into your system. It is therefore very important to immediately detect these vulnerabilities in order to stay ahead of hackers. SecureMe2’s Cyberalarm warns when preventive measures fail. In addition, the network is continuously scanned for unusual activity, in order to detect hackers in an early stage. Hackers need time to prepare for an attack and are therefore in a network long before a hack takes place. These insights provide you with a head start.

for SMB.

Information is the heart of your business. It is important to protect that information by monitoring your IT landscape 24/7. Immediate alarm in the event of a digital break-in.

Cyberalarm Pro
for Enterprise.

Large organizations have complex IT environments. Cyberalarm Pro unburdens you and helps you make the right choices. Detection of malicious traffic, shadow IT, and device configuration errors.

Provides exactly the insight we need as an organization


“It works very well. For example, the system immediately detected a network printer that was approached from Ukraine via an open port. In retrospect, the impact was not that bad, but I would never have seen that without this solution.”

Maasstad Ziekenhuis
Maasstad Hospital

John - Teamlead

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