SecureMe2 delivers a technology consisting of various components with the SAM Cyber Alarm. All of these components must have a high degree of security to meet the modern requirements of Information Security. To provide (future) customers with insight into the measures realised per component, we offer this overview.

(virtual) Appliance

The (virtual) appliance is based on a Unix platform where all unnecessary libraries and processes are removed. The Appliance does not run a web server and is in no way accessible via the network. All Communication from the appliance to the systems of SecureMe2 are initiated by the Appliance. SecureMe2 can log in for support purposes via a secure connection and uses various mechanisms to control the identity of SecureMe2. The presence of SAM in the network can only be detected by the (necessary) presence of a given IP address. This can be circumvented by connecting the appliance to a separate subnet using the SPAN method.

Analysis Platform

The analysis engines run in a Dutch datacenter where SecureMe2-metal server rents with its own storage modules. Each client uses separate encrypted parts to comply with the GDPR. When retrieving or deleting the dataset of a specific customer, this data can be quickly identified and processed.

Monitoring and control of the entire platform is carried out from the AWS platform in the European region and then primarily from the Frankfurt location. Redundancy is achieved through failovers in Ireland.

MySAM Portal

The MySAM Portal is a completely separate presentation layer. This layer runs within Docker environments in the Netherlands at a separate datacenter than the analysis engines. This to achieve extra security by applying the Chinese Wall principle. Customer data is encrypted and stored separately. When a contract is cancelled all alerts from a customer are completely removed from the platform.

Customers can independently download their reports for AVG their Privacy Administration from the portal.