Scan Analyse Manage

The SAM Cyber Alarm scans your network for malicious behaviour 24×7. Real-time analysis if there is no communication with malicious destinations, whether the behaviour of your equipment does not change its normal routine and a very simple alarm so that the right measures can be taken quickly.

SAM is easy to install. Between the router and the switch or with a mirror port directly on the switch or router. The manual is no longer than one sheet of paper.

Nothing has to be set on SAM. After placement in the network, all traffic is immediately assessed for malicious behaviour.

Because the SecureMe platform for SAM is already active for thousands of customers, the implementation time is no longer than placing the box.

Cyber Security should not be difficult. The MySAM portal is therefore based on easy use. View alarms without fuss. Quickly the information to solve the problem.

Immediately after installation, SAM 24×7 monitors your network. Immediate alarm in the event of an unwanted situation. A safe feeling.

All information immediately visible in the MySAM portal

Prefer a SAM in your 19 "rack?

The SAM-Pro-1 has all the features of the SAM-1 but as a rack-mount version. A handy display shows the status of the SAM and whether all connections have been made correctly.

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