SAM Cyber Alarm

Advanced Network Threat Detection

24x7 real-time detection of malicious traffic and Shadow-IT

A suitable solution is available for organization of all sizes. From the mini-appliance for branche offices to virtual appliances for large datacenters.

Hardware Probes

DELL-EMC server based probes. A suitable model for every organization.

Virtual Probes

Virtual appliances based on VMWare, Hyper-V or Virtualbox can be deployed quickly.


Instant insight into all alarms. Possibilities for whitelisting, filtering, reporting and integrations.


Connect the customer portal via your own SIEM or Service Management tooling via Syslog, CEF, e-mail or API.


An alarm system must work. SecureMe2 monitors whether the probe is functioning properly.


SecureMe2 can provide extra services to help with clarifying the alarms and resolving issues.

Integrates seamlessly with

Hardware PROBES

A hardware probe is a server on which the SAM Cyber Alarm software from SecureMe2 is installed. Ready for immediate use. Because the central backend of the platform is already running, an analysis of all network traffic will take place from the moment the probe has been installed in the infrastructure.

SecureMe2 has the SAM-Pro-1, Pro-10, Pro-100 and Pro-1000

“Assume that the network contains malicious traffic. You want to know! ”

Customizable dashboard

The dashboard provides real-time insight into the alarm messages from the network.

What is SPAN

A SPAN or Mirror port makes it possible to offer a copy of the network traffic to the SAM probe. This port does not slow down the network, and in the event of a technical failure of a probe, the primary business processes continue.

VLANs and Subnets

SAM can take VLANs and subnets into account. These can be specifically monitored and/or explicitly ignored. This makes the analysis of the correct network flows a lot easier.


Due to the diversity in probes, there is no limit to the amount of bandwidth to be analyzed. SAM adds approximately 1% bandwidth for communication with the SecureMe2 analysis platform.

Virtual probe (vSAM)

Many organizations have virtualized their servers. SAM can also be offered based on those HyperVisors. We support VMWare, Hyper-V and VirtualBox.