Release Notes MijnCyberalarm

V 2.1.0 – 29 November 2022 (Release live op 30 November)
Sprint number 10: This sprint’s focus was on improving the user experience. Which means we expanded and improved on already implemented functionality.

Feature and improvements:
  • Search results are more specific the more you type
  • Edit/delete option for notifications, whitelist and aliasses
  • Add insight about the activation status of a user + the option to resend the activation e-mail
  • Add the alarm “category” in the data table
  • Display fields on whitelist page according to the fields within the create whitelist popup
Bug fixes:
  • Remove “offline probe” from dashboard if probe has been re-placed to another client
  • Deleted user is still visible on management screen
  • Fixed an issue in the whitelistings where no expiration status was shown


V 2.0.9 – 15 November 2022

Sprint number 9: This sprint’s main focus was fixing some features to make them more user-friendly. 

Feature and improvements:

  • Timestamp in CSV is in the timezone of customer, is shown dd-mm-yyyy / hh-mm and date and time are in 2 columns so filtering in days is possible
  • Delete link to MalwarePedia and alarm e-mails
  • Added a customer tab under Management for Partner Support, Partner Admin
  • Filter on timeframe in External API
  • Filter on device_alias and src_mac_vendor in External API
  • Added a searchbar within users
  • Added the customer name in a PDF report
  • Change text at Notification –> Create and Manage
  • Changes to deal with threatlevel 0
  • Improvements in the backend should result in less false positive alarms
Bug fixes:
  • Management/Sensor: As a user/DPO you see a number under the column customer name –> Changed customer name in to Number of probes
  • Customer name is missing for newly created sensors
  • Graph shows a number after the decimal point

V2.0.8 – 1 November 2022

Sprint number 8: Whitelistings. The main focus this sprint was on adding certain whitelisting features and general perfomance imporvements.

Features and improvements:

  • Added feature to create whitelists of 1 alarm for multiple probes
  • Added overall whitelist menu in Management
  • Added the possibility to delete a whitelisting of an alarm
  • Prevent whitelist catchall from being set
  • The data of a whitelist is being saved, also when toggle has been switched off
  • Added filtering options on the Bandwidth and Heartbeat graphs

Fixed Bugs:

  • Change layout of Sensors page
  • Reports: Download button disappears when you turn the schedule slider off and on again

V2.0.7 – 19 Oktober 2022

Sprint number 7: refinements. The main focus this sprint was on refining some current features and adding clarification to pages.

Features and improvements:

  • Added tooltips and changed fieldnames on probes and sensors page for more clarity
  • Added the option to click & show 1 type of priority in the graph in the dashboard
  • Added a customer column on the sensor overview page
  • Added a mac alias column on the alarm overview page
  • Added optimalisations for Safari and Firebox browsers
  • Text changes

Fixed Bug:

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible in some occasions to create a false notification


V2.0.6 – 6 Oktober 2022:

Sprint nummer 6: SuperSearch and refinements. The main focus this sprint was on implementing the SuperSearch functionality on the Alarms page. Other focusses were on improving on already implemented features to make them more userfriendly.

Features and improvements:

  • Add complete search on Alarms page. It’s now possible to search on all the data that is on the screen. Search results are visible after entering a minimum of 3 characters.
  • Highlighting the search results in the data
  • CSV reports now shows all the data in stead of the latest 5000 lines.
  • Added the info of the throughput within a probe in the detailpage of a sensor
  • On the probe page, when you click on ‘back’ it remembers the selection that you made before
  • On the sensors page, the data at Average and current are all Mbit/s
  • Adjusting titles in Whitelist modal and alarm page
  • On the alarm detail page we added the name of the customer after “alarm details”
  • We deleted the “eye” on the login page for security reasons

Fixed Bug:

  • The color of the probe status on the dashboard was incorrect. Offline probes where shown orange in stead of red.


v2.0.5 – 22 September 2022:

Sprint number 5: Probes, Management and API’s. This sprint we finished up our revamp of the sensor and probe pages, created a new API and improved some functions in the management pages. So there is something to like for everyone.

Features and improvements:

  • In the new sensor graph for throughput, we have added the min and max throughput to see quickly how much data your network processes.
  • We added an API endpoint to request probe information, name, throughput, availability and heartbeat.
  • We have added the Google Tag to see how our users are using our platform, better insights lead to better features, and please also let us know when you see possible improvements yourself. Together, we can protect your organization better faster.
  • Filtering alarms per threat level has been improved, taking into account the other filters and column priority.
  • When working in the management field, the save button was available even when a field was not filled in correctly.
  • Color of a new probe was always red, even when online, that’s fixed.

Fixed bugs:

  • Status of the sensors wasn’t always calculated correctly when derived from the probes status.
  • User permissions were not saved sometimes.
  • New customers and offline probes were hidden sometimes for partner admins.
  • Saving the full screen in the management field sometimes failed when multiple changes were made.
  • The e-mail message about a new alarm was cut short.


v2.0.4 – 8 September 2022:

The fourth sprint: the one about sensors and probes. You will see new menu options on the left side in the management pages where it will be a lot easier for all admins to managed sensors & probes. You will see the status, the throughput and everything else relate to the appliances connected to your network.


  • Added Sensors and probes tab in management. With search functionality so every sensor and probe are easy to find.
  • Better sorting on columns in alarms.
  • When adding a probe, it is compulsory to add it to a sensor now. The radio button has been removed and has been replaced with a search sensor dropdown when creating a new probe.
  • When searching in the alarm screen you can now also sort on ip addresses and ports.


  • The outgoing offline e-mail now includes the last heartbeat date/time.
  • In the Alert mail now has the correct alert name (Cyberalarm alert) and the priority.
  • When one deletes a probe the status was set incorrectly. It now rightly shows deleted.


v2.0.3 – 25 August 2022:

In the third sprint we have fixed some cosmetic issues and see the number of bugs from the complete rebuild of Cyberalarm decline. Besides that we have added features that you all have been very vocal about. The following changes have been implemented:

  • Users can download the PDF report directly instead of waiting till the end of the week or month. 
  • Probes have more details on the dashboard, every probe gets an overview, text and additional information.
  • We have updated the notification settings – when demo ends, when probe is offline / comes back online, or when a probe stops processing data an alert is send to the relevant users.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Every user can now change their own notification setting in their profile, previously this option was only available through the admin screens and for admin users.
  • Editing whitelisted alarms though the admin menu was not working properly. 
  • Whitelisted alarms with an expired date were still shown in the overview list, they have been removed.
  • For users, sensors and probes, creating new, disabling, enabling, archiving and deleting faced several backend issues. This in now working correctly and should work seamlessly for every admin user.

v2.0.2 – 10 August 2022:

The second print release has been finished. This sprint was about providing partner user rights, upgrading our sensor/probe screens, ensuring usability everywhere in the GUI and squashing some bugs. The following features have been changed and updated:

– Partner user rights have been reset from Partner administrator to user. All partner users that have been a great help during the release, thanks! Partner admins are the Cyberalarm experts which have proven to understand the product well enough to act as a SecureMe2 liaison. Interested in upgrading towards a Partner admin, please contact us! 

– We have upgraded the user’s experience for adding new users. Fewer clicks and less scrollbars. 

– You can now see the user you are using in the top right corner of the Cyberalarm GUI. 

– The sensor and probe overview has been upgrade as part of the customer management screens.

– Now you can also directly download a PDF report. Previously it was only possible to plan it and wait till the report was ready.  

We also solved the following bugs:

– The frequency tables in alarms were not functioning correctly.

– The whitelisted alarms list was only ten rows long, now all whitelisted alarms are visible.


v2.0.1-RC1 – 26 Juli 2022:

On the first of July we released the new and improved Cyberalarm 2.0.0, of course you have read all about it in our previous release notes. After a one-week grace period, we started developing new features and fixing bugs in sprints. A sprint with new features will be delivered every two weeks. Whenever there are noteworthy improvements, we will share them with you on this release notes page.

In the sprint 1 release, we have fixed the following bugs:

– Fixed several bugs on the new dashboard.

– Fixed bugs that showed probes information incorrectly.

– Fixed bug user can now edit their own notifications.

– Fixed bug whitelisting alarms has been improved.

– Fixed bug partners were not able to see customer probe status.

In the sprint 1 release, we have added the following features:

– Feature – Create a new view for notification e-mail addresses to improve user experience.

– Feature – Extend the way probes and sensors are managed.

We would like to take this chance to thank everybody for their support and patience during and after go-live. We appreciate all the feedback, which has helped us to build Cyberalarm 2.0 better, faster and have a smooth release. Please keep sending us suggestions and feedback for the coming sprints.

Best regards,

Team SecureMe2

v2.0.0-RC1 – 1 juli 2022:

With the release of Cyber alarm version 2.0.0, the look-and-feel of MyCyberalarm is entirely renewed. The new Cyberalarm dashboard is developed by listening carefully to our customers and to make use of modern technology and also implementing new ways of working that help even better in gaining important security insights and to solve issues. Obviously, developing our sensors will not stand still and it’s also from there where we get better results in expanding in functionalities, robustness and performance. Version 2.0 of the dashboards enables disclosure of new functions so we can keep innovating. We are extremely proud and look forward to continue with you, our customers and partners, in developing new functionalities of the SecureMe2 Cyber alarm.

  1. A new dashboard that quickly and easily provides useful insights.
  2. To be able to change the dashboard (Presentation Mode) to the company colors and logo.
  3. A new way to quickly and easily analyse alarms, in which columns are adjustable, alarms can be deduplicated and finding specific alarms is made easier.
  4. There are new analyses available for groups alarms in which the top5 on several areas will be shared and easily trends can be made insightful.
  5. With analyzing the alarms malwarepedia and other online sources can be made easier to use.
  6. Besides trusted expert and the API, also pdf-reports will be generated based on the new dashboard.
  7. The management interface is expanded, simplified, more intuitive and made faster.
  8. more to come…
  9. Added
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