The world around us is more threatening than ever

Take control before it is too late

The SAM Cyber Alarm guards tour network realtime 24x7

SAM Cyber Alarm

Next-Gen Network Intrusion Detection

Fast implementation, simple to use

Now also available for Azure, AWS and GCP!

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What is SAM ?

Het SAM Cyber Alarm heeft een lokale sensor die metadata van het netwerk naar de Cloudservers van SecureMe2 stuurt. Per klant afgescherm en versleuteld. In het platform vindt realtime analyse plaatst op basis van alle bekende wereldwijde dreigingen. Direct een alarmmelding bij een (potentiele) digitale inbraak.

SAM alerts when preventative controls fail

To be able to scan the network a sensor within the infrastructure is necessary. The sensor translates the metadata of the network into a protocol the SecureMe2 platform understands.  Because only the sensor needs to be installed the implementation time is extremely short and costs low.

With SAM, SecureMe2 has created a platform that is completely independent of a supplier of IT products and/or services. And therefore, without any form of conflict of interest, able to make an objective assessment of the state of the ICT-infrastructure.

We provide you a measurement. Not an opinion

For small, bigger and enormous organisations

SAM Cyber Alarm for SMB

Every organisation has suppliers, employees and customers. Protecting that information is essential.

SAM Threat Detection for Enterprises

Large organisations have significant (IT) challenges. SAM helps you detect issues and make the right choices.

Prevention alone is no longer sufficient

Based on the measured effectiveness at customers of SecureMe2 BV

The preventive measures that we traditionally use are no longer effective. Cybercriminals know precisely how to circumvent these technologies to invade your network. Without analysing the network traffic, it is no longer possible to establish that a hacker is in your network. Ensure installation of the undetectable SAM Cyber Alarm

Effectiveness Firewalls 92%
Effectiveness Segmentation 88%
Effectiveness Antivirus / Anti-malware 76%
Effectiveness Awareness Training 67%
Effectiveness DNS filtering 45%
Effectiveness SSL Offloading 24%
Effectiveness Sandboxing 18%

But how do you know for sure that everything is ok?

Recognize malicious behavior

Real-time analysis of all network traffic from all connected devices

By analysing all traffic based on destination and behaviour set against time, unwanted traffic is detected immediately. Every fifteen minutes, the known threats are updated in SAM’s systems and your network traffic is scanned for unwanted packets.

Unique Analysing Engines
Known Malicious Destinations

Always up-to-date

Updates per 15 minutes

With todays knowledge

We can recognize infections from the past based on your historical network traffic

All metadata of your network traffic is stored for 1 year. First-in-First-Out. And with new Cyber Threat information we also continuously scan your old network traffic. With the knowledge of today, we can, therefore, detect contaminations in the past. A unique feature of SAM

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The SAM Cyber ​​Alarm is available for both small companies and large companies. SAM is available as a mini-appliance, server-based (both tower and rack-mounted) and as a virtual appliance under VMWare, HyperV or VirtualBox. Our employees are happy to discuss the options with you.

Nationaal Cybersecuritybeeld 2020:

"Snelle detectie kan gevolgen beperken, maar over het algemeen duurt het lang. Het vroegtijdig detecteren van aanvallen is een basismaatregel. Des te eerder, des te beter. Dat blijft echter voor veel organisaties een complexe opgave."

"Volgens een onderzoek was in 2019 de gemiddelde detectietijd van een aanval 56 dagen. Deze gemiddelde detectietijd is niet in verhouding met de snelheid waarmee een aanvaller zijn doel kan bereiken. Die heeft slechts enkele uren nodig. In het jaarbeeld staat dat actoren snel misbruik maken van gepubliceerde kwetsbaarheden. Ook wanneer de aanvaller op minder snel succes uit is, bijvoorbeeld voor spionage, kan snelle detectie de schade beperken."

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SAM Cyber Alarm

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